flip-a-district fridays:
volume XXI

Thank you.

Thank you for knocking on doors. Thank you for making calls. Thank you for reaching out to family and friends. Thank you for making contributions.

Thank you for voting.

On November 6th, the House Democratic Caucus had 34 members. It was barely enough to make sure we could sustain Governor McAuliffe's vetoes in the House, and it was woefully short of the number we needed to enact the progressive ideas that the majority of Virginians support.

Then Tuesday happened.

On Tuesday, Virginians elected an additional FIFTEEN Democrats to the House of Delegates -- with a few elections still in the recount stage -- which brings us to, at a minimum, 49 Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Our new members include the first transgender woman, first openly gay woman, first two Latinas, and first two Asian-American women ever to serve in the House. The House is finally starting to reflect the diversity of voices that make the Commonwealth great.

Tuesday was a political earthquake, and its significance was felt across the country.

Thank you for all that you did to make this happen. Now on to 2018...