flip-a-district fridays:
volume XVI

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Meet the candidate: Betsy Carr

Betsy Carr was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2009 representing parts of the City of Richmond and the County of Chesterfield on both sides of the James River. In addition to serving as a Delegate, she also served for 16 years as outreach director at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in downtown Richmond. She is a founder and past director of the Micah Initiative, which involves over 120 faith communities in partnerships with 25 city elementary schools, providing over 1,700 mentors, tutors and volunteers. This program is serving as a model for other similar partnerships in the country.

Betsy represented the fifth district of the City of Richmond on the Richmond School Board from 2006-2010. Betsy also has worked as Supervisor of Statewide Programs at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Community Relations and Resource Development Chairperson at the University of Richmond’s Women’s Resource Center, and as a Development Associate at the Virginia Historical Society. While active in the Junior League she chaired the training committee.

She is a graduate of Hope in the Cities’ Connecting Communities Fellowship Program and studied at the University of Richmond’s Management Training Institute. In 2005, Betsy was selected to receive one of the YWCA’s Outstanding Women Awards. In 2008, she served on the Virginia State Capitol Civil Rights Memorial Celebration Committee. An exhibition of Betsy’s photographs, taken during a World Neighbors trip to Mali, Africa, hangs in the Wilder Museum at Virginia Union University.

Betsy is an honors graduate of Hollins College (now Hollins University). She is the first Hollins graduate to be elected to serve in the Virginia General Assembly. She has three sons and four grandchildren.

House District 69:

Secretary Clinton won this district with 83 percent of the vote. The 69th District encompasses parts of Richmond City and Chesterfield County. Delegate Carr has represented the district since 2010, and is being challenged by Libertarian Jake Crocker and Green Party candidate Montigue Magruder this November. Click here for more district details.

Contact the campaign: info@betsycarr.org

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Meet the candidate: Kaye Kory

Delegate Kaye Kory and her husband Ross have lived in Fairfax County for over 30 years. Kaye’s three children — Matthew, Sandy and Caroline — all attended Fairfax County Public Schools and are graduates of J.E.B. Stuart High School. In addition to 10 years of service on the Fairfax County School Board, Kaye has been an active leader in a diverse range of community organizations including: the Annandale Chamber of Commerce; the Virginia League of Conservation Voters and the NAACP.  She has been a sustaining member of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee since 2001.

Although Kaye has achieved prominence in education issues, her activist roots run broad and deep. For a full list of her work in the community, click here.

House District 38: 

Secretary Clinton won this district with 70 percent of the vote. The 38th District is located entirely within Fairfax County. Delegate Kory has represented the district since 2010, and is being challenged by Republican Paul Haring this November. Click here for more district details.

Just one example of why we cannot let Paul win:

Haring is extremely anti-choice and is the former Executive Director of Americans United For Life. On his website from his 2016 congressional run, Haring speaks almost exclusively about all of the work he has done to try to ban abortion. The website's "News" section comprises a single bizarre post about the definition of "barbaric," writing --

"Hillary this well describes what you had done when you voted to allow abortionist to stick scissors in the back of the heads of living babies to suck their brains out when the babies were half-way outside the mother’s womb and half- way inside the mothers. Anyone who would do this is unfit for any office."

On his website for his run for the House of Delegates, Haring argues that the "most important issue is whether we should encourage the 'culture of life' or continue to encourage the 'culture of death'." This extreme language reinforces just how dangerous Haring would be in the House -- he would ignore women's health in favor of anti-science, far-right propaganda.

Contact the campaign: info@kayekory.com

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Meet the candidate: Alfonso Lopez

Delegate Alfonso Lopez is working to build a Commonwealth that lifts everyone up and leaves no one behind. With over 25 years of legislative experience, he has been an effective voice for our values and priorities in Richmond. Alfonso has served as an Obama Administration appointee, Kaine Administration cabinet-level appointee, and a three-term member of the House of Delegates. He has championed legislation creating the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, promoting new renewable energy, and supporting small business to strengthen our economy and create new jobs. 

Alfonso currently serves as the Whip of the Virginia House Democratic Caucus and is the founder and chair of the Virginia Environment and Renewable Energy Caucus in the General Assembly. He lives with his wife Sarah and his sons Aaron and Gabe in South Arlington.

House District 49:

Secretary Clinton won this district with 77 percent of the vote. The 49th District comprises parts of Arlington and Fairfax Counties. Delegate Alfonso Lopez has represented the district since 2012. He faces Republican Adam Roosevelt this November. Click here for more district details.

Just one example of why we cannot let Adam win:

Roosevelt strongly opposes Medicaid expansion, claiming that it would cost Virginians "more in taxes." This statement ignores the fact that Virginia taxpayers are already paying for Medicaid expansion in other states -- the Commonwealth forfeits a whopping $2.4 billion every year that it does not expand Medicaid.

Roosevelt's opposition also fails to consider what is best for the residents of the 49th District. The 49th is ranked second of all one hundred House of Delegates districts in terms of how many people currently in the coverage gap would benefit from Medicaid expansion. This district deserves a Delegate who will put its residents above partisan talking points -- Alfonso Lopez.

Contact the campaign: alfonso@alfonsolopez.org