flip-a-district fridays:
volume II



Meet the candidate: Kelly Fowler

Kelly Fowler is running for Delegate in the 21st district. She used to teach 3rd grade at Lynnhaven Elementary in Virginia Beach.  Kelly now leads a team of women in real estate, specializing in military relocation. Kelly and her husband Dave were raised in the 21st District in military families and are now raising their two daughters there, as well.

Kelly is on the Board of Directors of her Home Owners Association and is an active volunteer in the Hampton Roads region. She is passionate about fairness and ensuring that government is inclusive for all people.  Kelly is an energetic, progressive leader who will make a difference in the community when she is the Delegate for District 21!

House District 21: 

Secretary Clinton won this district by 4 percent of the vote. The 21st encompasses Virginia Beach City and Chesapeake City. It is currently represented by Ron Villanueva (R). Click here for more district details.

Just one example of why Ron has to go:

Ron supported an extremist Republican bill that would require Virginia residents to prove citizenship before registering to vote. Voters who could not provide a birth certificate or U.S. passport would not be allowed to vote in state elections, though they could vote in federal elections. The bill would have disenfranchised thousands of Virginia voters who are U.S. citizens but who do not have a passport or a copy of their birth certificate. Lots of folks don't have either of those documents: young people, older people, people who don't (or can't afford to) travel. This bill would have rendered them second-class citizens.

Contact the campaign: shuyen.wei@gmail.com


Meet the candidate: Elizabeth Guzman

Elizabeth Guzman is the Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates in District 31. Elizabeth immigrated to America from Peru as a single mother looking for a better future for her daughter Pamela. At first, she juggled three jobs just to afford a one-bedroom apartment. But through hard work, perseverance, and dedication, she put herself through college and graduate school. She is now a social worker and public administrator for the City of Alexandria,  where she works everyday helping hardworking families to help achieve their American Dream. She currently lives with her husband Carlos and 3 children in Dale City of Prince William County. 

Elizabeth is running for office so she can represent the community of Prince William and Fauquier County and help others achieve the American Dream. As an immigrant, her values are the values of all Democrats, and she has volunteered in the Democratic Party for several years as an advocate for every Virginian in her community. If elected, she would be the first Latina elected to the Virginia legislature.

House District 31: 

Secretary Clinton won this district by 7 percent of the vote. The 31st encompasses parts of Prince William and Fauquier Counties, and is currently represented by Scott Lingamfelter (R). Click here for more district details.

Just one example of why Scott has to go:

Scott is in the pocket of the NRA. There have been far too many deaths by gun violence in Virginia -- more guns on the streets is not the answer, but instead is a recipe for more senseless tragedy. Despite this fact, Scott repeatedly introduced legislation to repeal Virginia's one-gun-a-month purchase limitation until it became law in 2012. The 31st District deserves someone who isn't the poster child for an extremist pro-gun group.

Contact the campaign: elizabeth@elizabethguzmanforvirginia.com



Meet the candidate: David Reid

David Reid is a decorated Navy veteran and business professional who brings over 30 years of experience in strategic management, global telecommunications, and the defense industry to his campaign to represent Virginia’s 32 House of Delegates District in Eastern Loudoun County. In 1972, David and his siblings moved from Rockbridge County, Virginia—where they lived in a four-room house without an indoor bathroom—to the United Methodist Children’s Home in Richmond. David was later adopted by foster parents and moved to Oklahoma. He became the first member of his family to graduate from college. 

Grateful for the opportunities his country had provided him, David heeded the call to give back by joining the Navy Reserve. David served 23 years in the US Navy Reserve, as a Naval Intelligence Officer, where he retired as a Commander. David and his wife of 23 years have lived in Ashburn since 2000. Their two daughters received an outstanding education at Loudoun County Public Schools and now attend the University of Virginia and Lynchburg College.

House District 32: 

Secretary Clinton won this district by 19 percent of the vote. The 32nd encompasses Loudoun County, and is currently represented by Tag Greason (R). Click here for more district details.

Just one example of why Tag has to go:

Tag is staunchly anti-choice, despite the fact that 67 percent of Virginians support protecting a woman’s right to access safe and legal abortion care. Tag voted this session for a resolution that would annually designate January 22nd as a “Day of Tears” in Virginia. January 22nd might ring a bell: it’s the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision 40 years ago. The resolution encourages Virginians to fly their flags at half-mast on January 22nd. It's demeaning and is essentially code for a "Day of Shaming."

Contact the campaign: reidfordelegate@gmail.com



Meet the candidate: Zack Wittkamp

Zack Wittkamp is a father, husband, business owner, and community leader. His primary focus in running for office is to improve quality education, foster a strong economic base, and to preserve our environment and precious natural resources like the Chesapeake Bay. His expertise is in creating the organizational framework for businesses—the building blocks that ultimately allow a business to succeed and become a partner in the community. Zack believes we have to take a good hard look at the programs that make up our government and be willing to start over if they aren’t working. “The world changed on November 8, 2016,” he says. “People want a voice, and they want a government that works for them. I think that’s what we all deserve, for ourselves and our children."

Zack grew up in Newport News and is grateful for the opportunities the City and community has offered to him. He serves on the Newport News Planning Commission, where he helps guide and shape what the city will become in the future.  He is a 1999 graduate of Randolph Macon College.  Zack and his wife, Allie, a Vice President at Towne Bank, live in Newport News with their five-year- old daughter, Larkin.

House District 94: 

Secretary Clinton won this district by 5 percent of the vote. The 94th encompasses parts of Newport News City and is currently represented by David Yancey (R). Click here for more district details.

Just one example of why David needs to go:

David voted against workers rights and fair pay when he voted for HB 1753, a partisan Republican bill that would have stopped local governments from requiring contractors to establish a minimum wage while carrying out contracts with their localities. Local governments should have the power to set their own terms when entering into contracts for local public works -- the result is better performance, lower turnover, and better service to the area and to the public. Fortunately, Governor McAuliffe vetoed this anti-worker bill.

Contact the campaign: brian@votewittkamp.com