flip-a-district fridays:
volume XIX


Welcome to another volume of Flip-a-District Friday. With just 11 days until Election Day, we are working statewide and around the clock to get out the vote. Today we're asking you to contribute a bit of your most precious resource -- your time.

Can you make time over these next 11 days to help our candidates knock on doors and talk with voters, to make sure they remember to vote?

Since this is our 19th Edition of FADF, we are providing below canvass launch details for 19 of our great Democratic House candidates. The evidence is overwhelming that door-to-door, personal canvassing is the most effective and efficient method of voter mobilization. Click here to read the proof. So let's take advantage of this warm fall weather and boost turnout.

  When more people vote in Virginia, Democrats win.

We are in the home stretch -- every door knocked will aid our push to 51 in the House of Delegates, and help show the world that Virginians can and will rise above Donald Trump's bullying and intolerance.

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